Kitten Heels in Kathmandu, the Adventures of a Female Vagabond (Friends and Family Version)

Mary Bartnikowski

Mary, a photographer and solo Mom is sitting around one day and notices there is no one to make dinner for. Newly minted as a lone warrior after raising her teen son she decides to cut loose and be free of the USA, teaching photography, and exploring the unknown. So she sells everything she owns and takes us on a water slide ride from the rooftop of the world in Nepal to one adventure after the next in astoundingly vibrant India, mystical Machu Picchu and all over the map. Around the world twice by train, bus, motorbike and rickshaw with no big bank account, no itinerary, and very little electricity she photographs the Dalai Lama, rides elephants bareback in Nepal, hitchhikes in the Himalayas, teaches Kundalini yoga to Buddhist nuns, surfs in Peru, salsa dances with preschoolers in Colombia, lives in a temple in Thailand being guided by a meditation master and learns how to not worry and fall in love with life. With an unusual combination of spiritual panache and deadpan hilarity Kitten Heels captivates with a sense of wonder, sheer delight, and a big dose of courage. Copyright 2011 Mary Bartnikowski for personal use only.
Price: $9.99 USD